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“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand — Paul Rand, American Art Director, and Graphic Designer.Whether your story is a product of your creativity or a true-to-life experience, it deserves an impressive cover that would give justice to your story.

It’s hard enough to convey the message of your story given the thousand words before you finish it. So you’d probably want to start by showing people how or what to expect of your book. It can be a challenge or not — perhaps not if you have the right team.

Our portfolio below contains a wide variety of cover designs and different formatting samples. You can click on any to appear a larger image. Focus on how these designs portray the title and the plot and see how well these are thought through.

Since it’s not very common to check the excerpt from every book, especially when the book is still sealed, the reader always “judge the book by its cover”. Help yourself.


  A collection of more than a hundred fiction book cover designs with particular genres


   A collection of more than a hundred non-fiction book cover designs that showcase the creative input of the author


 A collection of layout design and formatting samples that you can choose to work on. 


A selection of more than 600 fiction book cover designs spanning a wide variety of genres.

A selection of more than 100 non-fiction book cover designs encompassing an array of subject matter.

Some recent examples of book trailers produced for both self-published authors and publishing houses.

Some basic examples of layout and formatting that Damonza can apply to your manuscript.